Darlena Cunha of Time Magazine endorses Ferguson rioting

Darlena Cunha of Time Magazine endorses Ferguson rioting

One suspects she’d be less supportive if the mob had burned down the offices of Time Magazine

UPDATE: Didn’t America’s president say that nothing justifies violence and vandalism? And since the media has told us, time and time again, that only racists disagree with Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t that mean that Darlena Cunha is a racist?

UPDATE #2: Matt Bruenig of Gawker also speaks in favor of rioting. No doubt he approves then, of this case where an elderly men on an oxygen tank was beaten up in the sacred name of “social justice”:

An elderly man dependent on oxygen was reportedly attacked and run over during a car jacking in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza on Florissant in Ferguson.

In the video, you can hear witnesses tell the news reporter an elderly male was attacked, car jacked, and then run over with his own car.

One witness said the unidentified victim went to his car to get his new oxygen tank when the thugs attacked him with it.

UPDATE #3: New York City protestors chant, “What do we want? Dead cops!”

Two New York City police officers subsequently executed gangland-style.

One can only assume that Darlena Cunha & Matt Bruenig approve, since they poured gasoline on this fire and lit the match.