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  • Kind of low-brow entertainment, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see how the pest control business works. Just how DO exterminators get rid of wasp nests? How do they trap racoons? How do they catch alligators and snakes? These are all questions that most people don’t think about, and it’s eye-opening to learn how these problems are dealt with.

    Part of the fun is how William Bretherton (“Billy the Exterminator”) keeps the audience’s interest with breathless, over-the-top explanations (“SQUIRRELS are DANGEROUS VECTORS for DISEASE. They’re known to carry RABIES, which can cause PARALYSIS, COMAS and even DEATH!!!”) And another part is how the producers use overly-dramatic cliffhangers to get the viewers to return after each commercial breaks. Yes, it’s formulaic, but more likely than not, the audience WILL want to see what kind of animal those eerie gleaming eyes in the chimney belong to...

    (A quick internet search reveals that the series was discontinued a few years ago due to drug problems suffered by the star. I haven’t seen every episode, but the show can still be found in reruns on certain channels.)

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