Chou Seh-fu

Paragraph 2 - Ancient Greek Translation 1a

The ancient Greek on the Flash version of this page is from page 4 of the JACT's Reading Greek: Text and Vocabulary. It serves as an introduction to the definite article, as well as to present tense, active voice indicative verbs.

Paragraph 2 of Translation 1a contains a multimedia translation, incorporating text, images and sound. When the user hovers over each sentence, a recording of the sentence plays (being read in ancient Greek), a written translation appears, and relevant maps or pictures may also be displayed.

However, you are not able to play this page properly because you do not have Flash Player.

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The HTML version of my translation is as follows:

So while the ship sails, Zenothemis looks towards the land. What does Zenothemis see? Zenothemis sees both the Acropolis and the Parthenon. And next, both Dikaiopolis and the captain look towards the land. What do Dikaiopolis and the captain see? Both Dikaiopolis and the captain see both the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Suddenly, both Dikaiopolis and the captain hear a noise...

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