GoDaddy Automated WordPress Installation

A curious problem happened to me recently when using GoDaddy’s automated WordPress installer for this blog.

I tried to install WordPress into the default /wordpress/ folder, but the automated system wouldn’t let me. The automated system “remembered” that I had previously installed WordPress into this folder a year earlier (for my ancient Greek blog)…even though that /wordpress/ folder did not exist anymore! (Last year I moved the ancient Greek blog to the /blog/ folder.)

This would not have been a big issue, but the system then informed me that the install into the /wordpress/ folder had failed, and that I should de-install it.

Which I did.  Only to discover that the system remembered the database which was originally linked to the /wordpress/ folder…and began deleting the database tied to the ancient Greek (/blog/) installation of WordPress.

Six months of posts gone in a puff of electrons!

Fortunately I had a backup, and was able to re-create the database and restore it. (Special thanks to the GoDaddy support team – there was a bit of problem with the re-creation step.)

Moral: Be wary of the automated WordPress installation system if you’re installing more than one blog onto your site. And always make db backups.

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