Greek Meander

At a certain point, I thought the ancient Greek blog would look great with a Greek meander pattern as a border around the wrapper. So I looked up the new CSS 3 border-image property, drew a 2-D GIF, and gave it a go.

Unfortunately, I could never get it to work. The borders on the top and bottom of the wrapper would look great, but the sides would look terrible. Or, if the settings were adjusted such that the border on one side looked good, the other side as well as the top and bottom would look bad. It was a real mess.

Perhaps it was sour grapes, but I came to the conclusion that a meander on the side borders would have been undesirable anyways, since the bright blue and yellow pattern would have distracted the eye away from the blog contents.

Eventually I decided instead to use a meander as a visual means of separating one post from another. I took a meander from the web, changed its size and colors, added terminal squares and included some embossing styles to the white meander with Photoshop. As a bitmap image it’s not perfect, but it looks pretty good:

Greek meander

Sometime in the future, I’d like to do it over in Illustrator, so that it’ll be a vector image fully scalable to any size that’s needed. But I’m not really great with Illustrator, so it might be a while.

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