List Of Fonts On This Blog

Blog title (header)Grecian Empire Regular (transparent PNG file, distressed a little with Photoshop)

TaglineGeorgia, Bitstream Charter, Serif

Navbar – Helvetica Neue, Arial, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L, sans-serif

Entry TitlesBerylium Bold by Larabie Fonts (@font-face kit generated at  This isn’t exactly the font I wanted here, but it’s pretty close.

Post EntriesTimes New Roman, Times, serif.  Kind of a boring choice, but unlike a lot of fonts, Times New Roman contains all the glyphs for ancient Greek. And its thick stroke size makes it readable, to boot. (I’ve added a little extra space between words in the CSS.)

Greek Characters (large)Theano Didot Regular.  A beautiful font for ancient Greek, but not as readable as Times New Roman at smaller font sizes. (See my page on Greek fonts for more details.)

Blog title (footer)Caesar Dressing (embedded from Google Fonts)

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